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Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO)

The government is in the process of registering and pre-qualifying Youth, Women and Persons with Disability owned enterprises so that they can access government tenders and contracts. Government tenders amount to billions each year; it is a great opening for the Youth, Women and Persons with Disability. Register now to gain access to these tenders.

In February 2012, His Excellency the Retired President, Hon. Mwai Kibaki directed that 10% of all Government contracts be earmarked and awarded to the youth. The Policy directive was informed by the Government’s realization that in order to meaningfully address the issue of youth unemployment. It is necessary to give them opportunities to participate in government contracts and tenders.

In 2013,His Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta, pledged that the procurement rules would be amended to allow 30 per cent of contracts to be given to the youth, women and persons with disability without competition from established firms. His Excellency the President directed that the issue of 30 per cent allocation of all Government procurement to the youth should be adhered to, warning those who will fail to effect the directive will be sacked.

The Public Procurement Directorate under the Ministry of Finance is in charge of the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) initiative which was launched at KICC on June 29th 2012. The Director of the Public Procurement Directorate – C. A. Otunga, has been tasked with spearheading this initiative to enable youth, women and people with disability access 30% of Government Tenders.

The aim of the AGPO Program is to facilitate the youth, women and persons with disability-owned enterprises to be able to participate in government procurement. This will be made possible through the implementation of the Presidential Directive that 30% of government procurement opportunities be set aside specifically for these enterprises. It is affirmative action aimed at empowering youth, women and persons with disability-owned enterprises by giving them more opportunities to do business with Government.

Youth as defined by the Kenyan Government, refers to young people between the ages of 18 years and 35 years.

A youth-owned enterprise refers to a legally registered business in the form of a sole-proprietorship, partnership or registered company. For both the partnership and the registered company, the ownership in form of capital invested or shares owned should be at-least 70% for the youth.

Women are set to benefit from the Government directive of awarding 30% of procurement opportunities to Youth, Women and Persons with disability.

"Disability" as per the meaning assigned to it under the Persons with Disabilities Act, 2003 means a physical, sensory, mental or other impairment, including any visual, hearing, learning or physical incapability, which impacts adversely on social, economic or environmental participation.

The National Council for Persons with Disabilities was set up in December 2004 following the enactment of The Persons with Disabilities Act (PWD) Bill 2003. Persons with disability are also set to benefit from the AGPO program as directed by the president. All persons with disabilities seeking preference in Government procurement must provide their NCPWD number.

How do I get access?

Use our easy Registration from to submit your details and access the portal with all the Government tenders suited to your needs.

This program applies to youth; aged 35yrs and below and you must have at least 70% ownership of your business

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