What is procurement?

Procurement refers to the various processes or procedures that are utilized in the acquisition of goods, services or works, by various institutions, governments and organizations.

What is a government tender?

It is a formal invitation by the government to suppliers and/or contractors for the supply of goods, services and works.

What is the aim of the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) Program?

The aim of the AGPO Program is to facilitate the enterprises owned by youth, women and persons with disability to be able to participate in government procurement. This will be made possible through the implementation of the Legal requirement that 30% of government procurement opportunities be set aside for the youth, women and persons with disability. It is an affirmative action program aimed at empowering disadvantaged groups by giving them more opportunities to do business with Government.

What is a disadvantaged group-owned enterprise?

It refers to a legally registered business in the form of a sole-proprietorship, partnership or limited company whose ownership in form of capital invested/contributed or shares owned should be at-least 70% for the disadvantaged group.

Which are the requirements for registering for the AGPO program?

  • National Identity Card/ Kenyan Passport – Original document scans
  • Business Registration Certificate/ Certificate of Incorporation – all enterprises should be linked to the BRS system – Original document scans/ Soft copy as downloaded from the BRS system
  • CR12 for Limited Company from Registrar of Companies - Soft copy as downloaded from the BRS system
  • CR13 for Limited Liability Partnerships – Original document scans/ Soft copy as downloaded from the BRS system
  • Partnership Deed for partnership business – Original document scans
  • Tax Compliance Certificate
  • Affidavit where needed to match differing names
  • Letter of administration for companies under estates – Original document scan
  • National Construction Authority Certificate for construction category

What is a CR12 and where does one acquire it?

A CR12 is a letter from the Registrar of Companies detailing the ownership of a Limited Company. It is acquired online from the E-Citizen System.

Which are the steps for registering online in the AGPO portal?

  • Step 1: Log into www.agpo.go.ke and click on register.
  • Step 2: Create account by filling in personal details, email address and by setting password. Once this is complete, an activation link is sent to your email account.
  • Step 3: Open your email and check for the activation email in the inbox or spam. Activate your AGPO account by clicking on the link sent to your email address.
  • Step 4: Log into the AGPO system under returning user Page using email address and the password you had set in step 2 above.
  • Step 5: Register business by providing information in the required fields and attach the required ORIGINAL scanned documents/ downloaded softcopies.
  • Step 6 : Visit your nearest Huduma Kenya Center, countrywide – AGPO desk for processing of application.

Where do I get information with regards to tendering opportunities available?

  1. AGPO Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/AGPOKenya/?ref=bookmarks
  2. Daily Newspapers
  3. Tenders Portal: www.tenders.go.ke
  4. Individual Websites for various Ministries, Departments and Agencies at National Government Level
  5. County Government websites
  6. Notice Boards at government institutions
  7. Supply Chain Departments of government institutions

Where do I lodge complaints with regards to procurement proceedings?

When you have a specific complaint or complaints or dissatisfied with regards to a procurement proceeding, you are supposed to lodge your complaint with the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) – website: www.ppra.go.ke

Where are AGPO related services are offered to the general public?

For AGPO related services including registration and processing of applications visit your nearest Huduma Kenya Center, countrywide.


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